Posted by: mseewv | April 15, 2009

Fear The Nose Trimmer!

Ok, so maybe I am getting old. After turning 28 last week and the Dairy Queen effectively renaming me – Natt, I thought I had it made. Didn’t feel old at all. So I have found out that as us men get older different things begin to happen – and no I’m not talking about that! But I am definitely feeling old and this is why.

One thing I am noticing are nose hairs. I know gross. Anyway, I am tired of Katie telling me that I look like I have a mouse’s tail hanging out of my nose so I decided this weekend I was going to fix it. While cruising around Bed Bath & Beyond – yes I am definitely cool like that – I noticed a pair of pen like nose trimmers. Now they had all kinds of selections. You could go for the Rolls Royce of nose trimmers for $29 or you could be cheap, like me, and pick up the Pinto of nose trimmers.

I am going to admit that I was quite excited about this new purchase with an all new built in light! Whatever in the heck that is for. As I raced into the bathroom to monitor the process I began to say screw the directions and continue to cut. Well after about 5 or so minutes I was completely satisfied with my trimming and ready to mark it up as a win. Or at least I thought I won!

It has been three days and I can barely breathe through my nose let alone blow it! Oh yeah those puppies were sharp. And see what I did was rub the blade all around the inner part of my nose and tore it up something awful.

Yep just another day in the life of Matt.

Since we are on the nose topic…


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