Posted by: mseewv | April 22, 2009

C’ville 2009!

What a weekend it was! You know how you can be looking forward to a trip for so long that it doesn’t meet your expectations when you finally go? Well this was in no way at all like that.

Old friends, great food, excellent music and plenty of shenanigans! I know, who would expect less from this bunch.

We left town in a blur on Friday morning heading straight for Charlottesville, Virginia with tickets for two shows to the greatest act on this planet – the Dave Matthews Band. For some of you who are not up to date on your DMB history – the band originated in the town of Charlottesville so this was a homecoming of sorts. It was great day to drive to C’ville and it was in a way like traveling to a Mountaineer football game in the fall. As other fans would pass an notice the DMB garb on my car they would blow the horn and hold up a hat, ticket or something of the sort just to say – “i’m with ya man!”

So we pulled into our 1 star rated hotel around 3 pm. It was beautiful in C’ville. The temperature was in the low 70s and the sun was shinning bright. Our hotel was in a perfect position, directly across from the arena. Since we are counting all of our pennies this summer we decided to share our room with two of our 4-H friends from Princeton, WV. I called a week before the shows just to check that we still had a non-smoking room with two double beds reserved, which I was assured was the reservation. As we checked in we noticed only one queen bed for Katie, Keith, Steven and I. After asking to   no avail we pressed on laughing it off. Keith even volunteered to sleep on the “window bed” or as most would call it the air conditioner!

Another thing to note is that as the guys showed up at the hotel we were all three dressed the same. Now for girls it may be cute but three grown men in cammo shorts and black t-shirts may scare a few people off. Which it did! We ended up calling our selves the Brigade and it worked out well for Katie later that night after the concert when she had to babysit us at the after party.

Before the shows we met up with our other two friends who were in town for the shows – Gary and Sarah. The shows were excellent and the weekend was definitely a hit! Like I said earlier there is nothing like great people, food, and excellent music!

I will post more about the shenanigans that occured over our three day trip to C’ville, tomorrow. But for now here are a few pictures to hold you over!



  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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