Posted by: mseewv | April 27, 2009

Miami 5-Oh!

Miami 5-oh! Patrick White finds a new home in Miami!

Miami 5-oh! Patrick White finds a new home in Miami!

Happy NFL Draft Weekend to everyone!

Like a lifetime movie to most women the NFL draft is definitely a weakness for most guys. This year the build up to the draft was small yet thanks to the great marketing of ESPN we were all suckered in as always. By Friday night most NFL fans already knew that the number one pick of the draft would be Georgia’s Matthew Stafford to the Detroit Lions. Heck I knew before going to bed that night that he was going to be bringing home 41.7 million dollars over the next 6 years. The format of the draft was different this year. In year’s past the spectacle would begin at noon and run into the evening and then pick up later the next day. This year the start time was pushed to 4 pm. and they rejoined it Sunday morning at 10 am.

On Saturday, Katie and I decided to take a nice, long, hot, gruelling, painful bike ride in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Oh and we decided to go at 2 pm when it was a “brisk” 95 degrees outside. After getting home and exhausted Katie and the dog who crashed for a nap. I sat down on the couch to take in what I thought would be about 10 minutes of the draft before I passed out but I was hooked! I couldn’t even fall asleep and I was exhausted after our long ride. It’s funny how gripping something so boring can be. It’s quite funny as a matter of fact. You hear a bunch of talking heads chat up who they think should be picked and who shouldn’t be picked while you wait 10 minutes between each pick. I spent two hours staring at the tv to watch only 20 players be drafted!

But oh was it worth it. If you don’t know by now our “good ole boy” Patrick White was taken in the second round – 44th pick – last night around 8:30 pm. Pat’s new home is now with the Miami Dolphins and their new Wildcat Offense. I really think there is no better place for the state’s favorite play since Jake “The Snake” Kelshner. Also don’t forget the mastermind behind the Dolphins one Bill Parcells. He knows just a little bit about football and drafting great players, ie Tony Romo. So if all things work out for Pat like they have Romo we should see him dating the likes of either Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson!

Good Luck #5 – Thanks for the memories!


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