Posted by: mseewv | April 28, 2009

Oink Oink The Swine Flu

Ok so if you have turned on the tv or radio in the last few days you know that there is nothing more popular than the Swine Flu. Now granted I know it is a serious issue but ask anyone around me when the media floods us with things like this I begin to believe that everyone has it. Yesterday, Katie went in to work late because she woke up with a sore throat – Swine Flu. My neighbor for some odd reason was out in his backyard last night around 9 pm “losing his lunch” – Swine Flu. In the video below, which some of you may remember, Jim came home and then somehow by just giving his wife a kiss infected the whole country with, you guessed it – Swine Flu!

So run and be scared don’t eat pork, watch porky the pig and be ready because the invasion from flying pigs!

Oink Oink!


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