Posted by: mseewv | May 1, 2009

Squirrels, porcupines and TIRES!

What a week it has been! For those of you that know me and know me well you probably know that driving is not something I am very good at. When I was 16 my dad purchased a brand new green truck. It was the first new vehicle he had ever purchased. He then made his first mistake with that new vehicle – letting me drive it. It took all over 30 minutes for me to drive it into a pole leaving the swimming pool in downtown Romney.

Fast forward 12 years and I am still having trouble getting around on four wheels. For the last year I have been doing quite well – at least I thought so. Well that is until this week. On Monday I was coming up the road that leads to the front entrance of my work and a little squirrel decided to run out in front of me – smush. Sorry, I truly did feel bad about it but what was I to do. My father always said don’t swerve to miss an animal. So I didn’t and well he paid for it. That was Monday, last night on Thursday I was leaving a Chamber of Commerce event in the small town where my office is located and on the way past the resort’s golf course out ran a little porcupine – splat. Yep, nothing I could do about that one either. It wasn’t the nicest of sounds as I rolled over him and I did feel bad but felt lucky that everything with me and my car was ok.

Not 1/2 a mile later is when I met the ultimate match. As I crested a hill there sat a huge truck tire smack dab in the middle of my lane. There was nothing I could do but hit that puppy (tire) head on like I had done with the porcupine and the squirrel. Well let me tell you. This time the tire won. Frames are bent, oil has spilled and I am now in the doghouse with the wife.

I can only imagine that somewhere in animal heaven the squirrel and the porcupine are high fiving making fun of me right now. If anyone would like to charter a bus for me from Martinsburg to my office I am interested. No wonder my dad always ends every conversation with – drive safe.


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