Posted by: mseewv | May 20, 2009

Back from the island!

Sorry for the absence over the last few weeks folks! I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I spent the last week in Marco Island Florida for the National Ski Area Association’s Annual Convention and Trade show – I know tough stuff huh?

Well I’ll tell you all the same thing that I told Katie every evening – wow it’s raining again! It truly was beautiful down there and I loved every minute of it. Even though like I said before I left I am a little bit nervous when it comes to taking to the skies to travel anywhere. Funny enough though both flights were rather smooth and my nervous calls and text messages before I came back were a lot less than when my frantic “I’m not going to live through this” moments that I had right before I flew down there.

It was funny when Dad called me on Tuesday afternoon right before I left and said, “don’t worry son – all you have to fear is fear itself.” Real comforting eh? My response was “Dad, JFK said that and then he was assasinated.” Dad so quickly came back with, “don’t be a wuss, son, you’ll be fine.” And he was right, of course.

I have included some pictures from my trip. I am back and you can expect updates now almost every other day. It’s good to be back!


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