Posted by: mseewv | May 21, 2009

Worked Over & Out

Don't make fun of me because there is a girl in the photo!

Don't make fun of me because there is a girl in the photo!

My biggest thing over the last five years is whenever my wife says – “hey, let’s go for a run,” or “hey, let’s join a gym,” it’s always the same answer. No!

Now don’t jump to conclusions too far yet. My reasoning has always been that I worked out almost everyday from PeeWee football to my Sophomore year of college when I rowed crew. I will not go run for fun or to get into shape. Now I have been able to stay pretty close to my high school weight – if you take out that freshman 75 hiatus that I went through when I was at WVU. That was mostly recreational beverages and McDonald’s. One day when I was in college my Dad called me in this huge frantic. He had been monitoring my bank account and my weight and he was sure that I was up to no good. When I answered the phone all I got was, “Matt, tell me what is going on…are you on drugs?” After I chuckled I reassuringly told him – “No, Dad i’m on McDonalds!” We chuckle about that today but trust me we didn’t then.

Ok, so back to the story. For Christmas, Mom and Dad gave Katie and I a Nintendo Wii along with Wii Fit. This is the fitness game with the board that you place on the floor and do exercises on. I, being the geek that I am, was actually pretty excited about it. Like most things though, I became pretty bored with it after about a month. Not the Wii – the fitness game! It honestly just became a more complicated scale that I would plug in and stand on whenever I wanted to check my weight and BMI. I don’t know why I grew tired of the game so quickly. I was so excited about it when we first received it as a gift. I honestly think it may be that the activities were so kiddie and you could be on the dumb thing for over an hour and really feel like you got no work out whatsoever.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday and another new fitness came hit the shelves – EA Sports – Active. I have been researching this one a little as the date was approaching. On the way home I picked it up and later that night we tried it and let me tell you it totally kicked my BUTT! I mean I can think of evenings working out in the weight room at HHS and walking home feeling better than I did that night. Now, Katie will say that I was just out of shape but screw that I know I’m in great shape – yeah right! This was an intense, fun workout that included; running, lunges, squats, tennis, volleyball, boxing and much more and after 30 minutes I was dead. I actually have been whimpering around about how I can’t even sit down.

I worked out again last night and am fully dedicated in giving this thing a whirl. But I really think that I will be in the ICU before the end of the week – but that’s just because I am in such great shape!


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