Posted by: mseewv | June 1, 2009

High As A Kite!

At least I wasn't this bad as a child...or was I?

At least I wasn't this bad as a child...or was I?

Ok – weird title huh? Well lets just say that right now I am pretty high. Before you jump to any conclusions whatsoever let me say that I have never done drugs. I just painted our bathroom that is the size of a closet. And that bathroom has no ventilation at all. Trust me though when I say it is the size of a closet it is the same size as the closet that will be in our master bedroom in our new house.

I thought while my head is spinning from paint fumes I would give you a little See Family story from about 10 or 11 years ago. There is the nasty rumor that circulates among my family and even some of our outside staff at work – that I hate manual labor. That may take a whole other blog post to dispute so I will just skip that rumor and move on to the story.

One Saturday my parents decided they would save a little money and have all five us stain the house. We were probably supposed to start at like 9 am and paint most of the morning quitting before it got to hot. I probably fooled around until about 9:45 and whined around about having to paint in the first place. So out I bounced ready to go. Mom, Scott and I were to paint the bottom sections while Dad was on about a 15 foot latter above. We were using 5 gallon buckets of stain and I honestly hadn’t been outside more than 15 minutes before the unthinkable happened. I am sure almost all of you know the old folklore about walking under a ladder right? Well I can remember staining right under Dad’s ladder as he was painting above. Now, he will tell you that the entire 15 minutes I was staining I was complaining and taking my time probably painting one board the entire 15 minutes. Before I knew it an entire 5 gallon bucket of stain landed on top of my head. I was covered from head to toe in stain. We had just started so as you can imagine it was pretty much the whole bucket. Now, I don’t know what most families would have done but when anything like this I would like to think that they would all come running to my aid…right! I am sure my Mom was doubled over somewhere with tears streaking down her face as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

So, I did manage to get out of painting and manual labor that day…maybe I do shy away from it!


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