Posted by: mseewv | June 6, 2009


The Palm Pre

At what point is a person considered crazy? I honestly think that I  may have passed there about 38 minutes ago – honestly!

Ok let me set the scene for you. Close your eyes. It’s 5:38 am on a Saturday morning. The wife and dog are tucked away in their beds with no visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. I am alone in downtown Martinsburg waiting on a phone yes the launch of a cell phone.  Ok some of you may have painted my crazy already but let me at least build my case. At least I will feel better anyway.

It all started in the mid 80s. I don’t really remember how old I was but for the official record I will just state that I was older than 2 and younger than 12. My Grandfather Ailes was the first to intiate this wild obsession of mine. I can still remember him walking in our house carrying the first Macintosh computer. The thing even had an external fan on the top of it. That planted the seed and started it all.

His car had the first navigation system in it with a touch screen to select the radio stations and he died in 1991. I just hate that he died before – cell phones, the huge boom of the internet, plasma tvs, the wii etc. He would be loving the digital age.

So thanks to my grandfather I am now so addicted that almost every new electronic piece of equipment that hits the market I have to get my hands on it. The Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, iPod, Plasma TV -all of these I had to have as soon as they hit the market.

The phone that I am waiting for – the Palm Pre. This is what they are dubbing the new iPhone and of course I have been pulled in and was so excited about it last night that I really couldn’t sleep. You can definitely read up more on it by heading over to The reason why I am out here at 6 am is because a marketing guy like myself decided one day to create demand by only shipping very small amounts of phones to each store. You can probably remember the crazyness that the Nintendo Wii caused two years ago when the released the Wii and most area stores only received two. So to fill my need I am here still waiting for my new phone.

Oh and for a closing argument…I may be crazy but at least I am not the first guy in line who arrived at 3 am.

The defense rests.

UPDATE –It’s 6:03 am and now I have 6 new accomplices waiting in line with me. I am second in line which is a definite good thing since they open at 8 am and I will be able to get in and out quickly. Ok this might not help my case but….I am the only one that brought a laptop and a nice comfy chair courtesy of my MOTHER IN LAW.

So I will continue to post updates as I wait. I was smart enough to bring a couple of movies if I really get desperate.

UPDATE 2 – It is now 6:57 am and the star has arrived! Forty-something lady pulls in rap music blairing steps out of the car with a cigarette in hand exclaiming “This phone better be good!” I swear the theme music from the Good, Bad and the Ugly should have been playing as she walked from her car.

UPDATE 3 – Ok it is now 7:20 am and my battery is starting to slowly die. The line has now grown to over 20 and I am actually glad I woke up early and am second in line. I really would hate to have to wait another 2 hours in line to get the phone activated. The Sprint employees have arrived and it won’t be long until i’m back in bed! Update four may be via my phone or after I get home.

UPDATE 4 – Alright 15 minutes left. The Sprint Rep just walked out and handed our numbers to those of us waiting in line. Mine has a shiny number 2 on it. Pretty glad that this excursion is almost over. The phone is already going for over $600 on eBay. I’ll update this later tonight.

UPDATE 5 – So the madness is over and I have had plenty of time to play with my new phone and let me just say – I love it! The wait was definitely worth it especially since it took the Sprint Rep 30 minutes to actually activate and train me on how to use the thing. If I would have arrived at 7:45 am I still would have been able to purchase the phone but being number 30 in line I don’t think I would have made it home in time for lunch!

So the craziest thing that happened was that after all of the waiting and all of the excitement, the guy that arrived at 3:30 am to wait for the phone was shafted in the end. About 3 minutes til 8 a Sprint Rep walked outside to announce that they will be opening the doors soon, you could only buy one phone and your phone number had to be local – Martinsburg or Hagerstown. Everyone thought they were ok. The guy who had been waiting almost 5 hours had a Frederick number. He was not able to get the phone. I really felt bad for him. I however was the first to purchase the new device.

So I guess the early bird doesn’t always get the phone.


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