Posted by: mseewv | June 9, 2009

Say Goodbye To My Man Card!

My membership has ben REVOKED!

So yesterday I officially forfeited my Man Card.

Some may say that I may have done that a long time ago or that I didn’t have one to begin with but I believe that it was yesterday that I turned that card in.

I went tanning. Wow, it even sounds girlie! I can’t believe I actually did it but I did. I have thought about it on a couple of occasions but have never gotten close enough to the edge to worry about falling off. I don’t really know what made me think that this was a good idea. It could have been when I was in Florida last month and someone made the comment to me when heading to the ocean that I still had my t-shirt on. Obviously I didn’t and I like my farmer’s tan, it’s American!

Since most of you know me you know that when I decide to do something I don’t usually do it the right way or the most reasonable way, I have to go all out. Well instead of buying some type of “tanning membership” and paying $50 to tan for a month and then another $30 for some tanning lotion I found someone at work who has their own tanning bed. Oh yeah it gets better. So yesterday at lunch time we slipped out and with two chaperons headed to her house for my first tanning adventure.

I don’t know which would have made me more comfortable being in a tanning salon with someone I don’t even know telling me how to tan or someone from work. But I can tell you that it was kind of weird laying in that thing with my skibbies on and hearing them talk to me in the other room.

After 6 or 7 minutes this muffin was done and I hopped out and looked like a red and white cow! I missed just a few spots on my back with the lotion. Don’t worry I will get the hang of it eventually. To bad I can’t re-apply for my Man Card until I do something really manly. I’ve tried mowing the lawn and donig a few things around the house for the wife but mabye I have to do something a little more manly. Any suggestions?


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