Posted by: mseewv | June 21, 2009

Tiger, the NYPD & a 300 foot lady!


Last week on Thursday my wife and I along with Mom and Dad piled into the car headed north for New York City.

Kind of like the Beverly Hill Billies minus strapping Grandma to the top of the car.

Our main purpose for the trip was our second pilgrimage to golf’s biggest event – the United States Open. The national championship of golf! Our last trip to the Open was in 2007 when we stayed in Pittsburgh and went to the Oakmont Country Club for the tournament.

We arrived in NYC a little after 6 pm on Thursday and checked into our hotel. I have been into this new bargain hunting thing when it comes to hotels. I found us a nice little hotel about 7 blocks from Times Square and within walking distance to Penn Station where we would take the train to the tournament on Friday. Well let me just say that this hotel room was quite small. So small that when we checked in the bellman looked at Dad and said “are all four of you staying in this room?” It had two small double beds and a flat screen tv but that’s about it. I seriously don’t think I have slept that close to my parents since the 80s when I was afraid of the dark. Let me just say it was an eye opening experience.

Now on to the tournament. This year the tournament was at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale NY which is on Long Island. As most of you may know by watching the news the Open was rained out on Thursday, which was our travel day.

On Friday we loaded up and headed to Penn Station to take the hour long train ride to the tournament. When the USGA – United States Golf Association – sends you the packet with your passes they also send you a list of disallowed items. Now I know better than to take a knife or any other type of weapon but as you look at this 20 item list you will see everything from portable tvs and radios to blackberry’s and even lawn chairs. When it comes down to it they only want you to come with a fist full of cash. I understand completely why they don’t allow cell phones or cameras so it doens’t disrupt play but man I would have loved to had the chance to snap some photos while I was there.

Golf is such a great sport to watch live. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend it! You can get so close to the players and just to watch them strike the ball with such force in person really is something to see!

Friday definitely was a great day for us. After getting back into the city we decided to enjoy some NYC pizza and then another walk through Times Square, Rockefeller Center and by Radio City Music Hall. I am not a big fan of walking usually but it just seemed that Katie and I could have walked for ever! Now Mom and Dad were a different story. So after some sightseeing we headed back to our shoebox of a hotel for one more night. I actually offered to push the beds together for a sleepover type feel to our small under air conditioned room, which was very clean though, but my parents did feel as strongly as I did about combining our sleeping quarters!

Saturday it rained like I was supposed to wake up and build an Arc. We decided that the thing we wanted to see most before heading out of town was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. As we headed down to Battery Park past the former site of the World Trade Center we were all looking for parking. Both Dad and I noticed a large building with a giant “P” on the side which in WV means parking! Well obviously it doesn’t in NYC.

As we pulled into what we thought was a parking garage a nice New York City Police Officer stopped us. He checked our plates and then gave Dad a little lecture on the illegal left turn we had just made. We explained we thought we were going into a parking garage and we were trying to get to Battery Park. He noted that we had made an illegal turn into the on ramp for the Battery Tunnel and there was no turning back. This then sent us on an hour trip through Statten Island.

After about an hour detour we made it back to Battery Park and found the parking garage that was associate with the big “P.” The highlight of the trip for both Katie and I was the trip to see both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. You see her from far away 99% of the time and she really doesn’t look that impressive. But let me tell you even it was in the middle of a monsoon she was absolutely breathtaking!

We returned home safely on Saturday night and what a great trip it was. Thankfully we only go to the Open every other year!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!


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