Posted by: mseewv | June 29, 2009

10 Year Redux


The reunion on Friday was small but great! I really enjoyed seeing some of my old friends and introducing them to Katie.

There were about 25 of my classmates in attendance. The whole night reminded me of a high school dance. Remember when the dance would start the dance floor would be empty. No one would be dancing there would be multiple groups of people in all corners and tables of the gym just talking. I remember in jr. high it was split more evenly the girls on one side and the guys on the other. But as the night went on people would start to intermingle and then finally at the end of the night everyone was dancing and having a good time.

Well the night started out kind of like that. Everyone was quiet sitting at different tables talking softly not really knowing what to say. Even I was shy and quiet, Katie couldn’t believe it! You really don’t know what to say to someone or how to strike up a conversation. I mean some of these people were my best friends in high school that I talked to everyday. And now I don’t even really know how to say “hi” to them. Every conversation started and ended with three questions; How have you been? What are you doing? How many kids do you have? After I answered those questions in about three seconds that was then met with about 15 seconds of silence until I would move on to the next classmate.

Eventually everyone started to relax and even my mouth began to run. The best was sitting with a group of friends looking back at some of the scrap books that were put together over the years. It was great reliving those years.

I don’t know when I will get back to another reunion but I will say that I am more than glad that I made it to that one!


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