Posted by: mseewv | June 30, 2009


Billy Mays

What a week it has been in the entertainment world.

First last week on Monday we lost Ed McMahon. It is sad to see someone like him go even though he was never really part of my time he was part of my grandmother’s. Mom and I always talk about grandma when someone like this passes away. My grandma was a big Carson fan so we had to give each other a call and make mention to the fact that grandma would finally get to see Johnny and Ed together again.

After Ed came Farrah and MJ in the same day last Wednesday. Katie could tell you that I have been glued to the news as all of this MJ news continues to break. I am not a huge fan of gossip mags or anything like that I am just a big media buff who loves to follow the constant push and pull the media has and the new element that websites like TMZ have added to the whole mix. On Wednesday TMZ reported that MJ was gone at 2:21 pm pacific time. When CNN was still reporting that he was only taken to the hospital and then he was in a coma. Finally almost an hour and a half after TMZ had reported it CNN finally confirmed it just before 7 pm eastern time.

They usually come in threes right?

I guess not. Sunday saw the death of legendary pitch man Billy Mays. The man who made the infomercial legendary passed away in his sleep and it is now confirmed that he died from complications of heart disease. Billy could sell ice to a penguin. I loved the new ESPN commercials that he was doing and he also had just signed a contract with Taco Bell to be their new pitch man. I found this comic yesterday and I thought it was a nice summary.

Hopefully the wave of beloved stars deaths is over. Even though they are just normal people they help us escape our hectic lives every once and a while. And for that I am grateful!


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