Posted by: mseewv | July 6, 2009

A Dance With The Devil



So as Katie and I relaxed after a crazy day on Friday I came up with another one of my get rich quick schemes. I was going to request two tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial in Los Angels on Tuesday.

Now, I definitely do not want to go but what a great thing to get a ticket too. Over 1.6 million people requested tickets from a pool of only about 8,500 tickets.

Well my conscience caught up with me shortly after that. I don’t want to be standing in front of Saint Peter at the pearly gates and him say “you were almost in until this whole selling tickets to Michael Jackson’s Funeral came up!”

So I decided against it. Too bad! Tickets were going on eBay today in the upwards of $300,000! I could have paid for that new house in cash!

Katie told me to stop and buy a lottery ticket. It’s a little easier to repent over!


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