Posted by: mseewv | September 10, 2009

I’m in trouble…but as always I have an excuse!

Yep, It’s official.

I have been out of the house for 10 years. Somehow I found a way to get myself in trouble yet again. So in case you haven’t checked your email yet, Dad, I got it and i’m back!

I am sorry that I have left you all hanging for the last two months. I am excited to tell you why I have been away for so long and I plan on doing that over the next few weeks with some “catch-up” blogs.

First let me give you a run down on what all has happened since my last true blog.

This is why I haven’t blogged in a while…
On July 17 our new house is staked out.
On Friday, July 23, Katie and I went to see the Dave Matthews Band at Hershey Park
On Monday July 26 Katie and I went to Florida on Vacation and we flew back on July 31
We get back from Florida with a foundation and sub-floor
On August 1 Katie and I went to see Sir Paul McCartney at FedEx field and sat in traffic for over 3 hours
That week we start to see the framing of the first flooer
On Saturday August 8, Katie and I along with 5 of our friends head to Nissan Pavilion for our 4th DMB show of the summer!
That week the second floor and plywood roof are placed on the new house
On Saturday August 15 I go with 5 of my friends to see the Orioles play the Angels for a reverse bachelor party for my best friend Buddy.
On Sunday, August 16 Katie and I head to Roanoke Va to meet two of our friends to see one of best comedians around – Jeff Dunham.
On Monday August 17 Katie and I come home from work to a house with a broken air conditioner. It is 85 degrees in the house. We call our landlord with no response. That night it is 83 degrees in the house when we go to bed. This is the hottest week of the summer.
On Tuesday, August 18 Katie and I head to Hershey PA to meet up with her friend Erin from college. Erin works for an engineering firm in Harrisburg and she scored us tickets in their luxury box for Keith Urban. Don’t even get me started on Keith Urban and watching my wife drool over him the whole show the night before our wedding anniversary!
Wednesday, August 19 was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We both have meeting in Harrisburg and then go out to eat at the Melting Pot. Great fondue restaurant.
We head home to Martinsburg that night to a house that is 88 degrees. The landlord calls and said he found out we were building a house and moving soon so he won’t be fixing the A/C. 
While all of this is going on we have a garage and stairs to the second floor. After that we see the HVAC be installed, plumbing and electric installed in the new house. 
That very next day on August 20, Katie and I begin to move in with our friends in Ranson.
We have spent the last two weeks moving stuff out our old house, cleaning and packing stuff into a small storage unit.
They have started the siding on our house this week and I can’t tell you how exciting it is.
I will post pictures this weekend when I can show you all the whole house.

As you can tell by the list above Katie and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off for about the last two months. So there is my first blog in a while. Don’t go anywhere, I am not going far. I promise I will be back soon! 

WVU 35 ECU 24


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