Posted by: mseewv | September 14, 2009

Little Bengals


Ok class, does anyone remember the mid ’90s flick Little Giants with Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill?

The movie tracks the life of two brothers Moranis and O’Neill as they battle it out in pee wee football. It truly is a great movie and if you have not seen it I would highly recommend it!

Well let me tell you about a movie that follows along the same lines that Hollywood has not picked up for a movie deal quite yet…Little Bengals.

About two weeks ago my best friend Buddy and I were asked by the Frederick County Parks & Recreation Department if we would like to be volunteer coaches for a youth flag football team. We accepted and with our two different coaching styles, little experience dealing with youngsters and I love for football what could go wrong right?

Well we will just have to wait and see. Our first practice is tonight and I will definitely let everyone know how it turns out.

I can see how parents can get a little out of hand when coaching youth sports. When handed the keys to any program you feel like it is your ticket to the big time. It strikes a chord in the sports freak in all of us. Not even two hours after we agreed to coach the team we were already talking about opening practice with wind sprints and then installing the wildcat offense with in a week! We were planning on being the Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis of 8, 9 & 10-year-old flag football!

After talking to my dad it seems that we will be hall of fame flag football coaches if we can get the kids to pay attention to us for at lease 3 minutes. We’ll see how it turns out! Trust me though we got rid of the wind sprints and wildcat offense. We scaled it back for a short mile jog and then installing the wishbone!

Wish us luck!


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