Posted by: mseewv | December 4, 2009


Tiger Woods…thanks for the memories!

At what point do you dump an Icon?

 At what point do you say ok you have done too much and I really don’t think I can recover from this so I think it would be better if we were just friends? Sounds a lot like what a few girls may have told me in my younger years.

I have been a Tiger fanatic since he burst onto the scene when I was in high school. I was interested in golf growing up because my father really enjoyed the game of golf but I didn’t really enjoy the game of golf until Tiger.

This fanaticism grew to unprecedented proportions in 2007 at Oakmont Country Club outside of Pittsburgh PA where I first saw Tiger in person at the US Open Championship. I can remember standing along the #8 tee box and watching Tiger walk down the hill on the #1 fairway and seeing the sea of people follow him. Some running some ducking in and out-of-the-way of tree, people and kids just to get the perfect view of the world’s number one celebrity. We waited for over an hour for Tiger to make his way to the #8 tee box and to walk no farther than five feet from me as he headed to the fairway after absolutely crushing a hybrid off the tee. The very next day my friend Corey and I waited 3 hours along the barricade, near the clubhouse that separates the practice green from the first tee, just to see Tiger walk past on Championship Sunday in his Sunday Red! We looked like 12 year-old girls waiting to see the Jonas Brothers! When Tiger walked out of the clubhouse and over the first tee walking far enough from me that I could have touched him I honestly lost my breath. It was that breathtaking to see the world’s number one that close.

I am breathless again. After hearing about the accident over Thanksgiving I shrugged it off as just a small drunken accident outside of his house. Then as the information continued to leak and the PR nightmare began to mount I became a little upset. Then on the way to work this past Wednesday my heart was broken. I heard the voicemail that Tiger left one of his said mistresses asking her to change the message on her voicemail so when his wife calls she won’t know who it is. This absolutely crushed me. Our one pure, clean Icon went down in an Escalade, a fire hydrant, a tree and a pitching wedge.

As things continue to mount against Tiger I have decided to walk away. Thanks for the memories Tiger, this is one fan that you will have to work very hard to regain.

So as for the title…

Did you know Tiger was changing his name? Yes from Tiger to Cheetah.

Off to Pittsburgh for the weekend. Hope everyone has a good one! Go Eers!!!


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