Posted by: mseewv | December 12, 2009

Still An Open Wound

What is going on with College Football?

I am not talking about the bowl system and whether or not there should be a playoff. I am talking about these coaches and the lack of loyalty they have to their programs.

Brian Kelly the head coach at the University of Cincinnati announced yesterday minutes after walking out of his awards banquet that he would be taking the Notre Dame job. As he walked out of a special team meeting with his players he updated his twitter profile with ND wallpaper and had already changed his home town to South Bend before the tear dried in most of his players eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong I understand that he has to do what is right for his family and this is a dream job but is this right? I am on the fence. What happened to loyalty to those kids that put in thousands of hours over the summer and throughout the season. What about us fans who have dumped hundreds and thousands of dollars into the program to support the coach and then he jumps ship weeks before the biggest bowl game in the school’s history!

That is where my anger lies. It is like salt in an open wound and memories of ex-girlfriends mixed with bad breakups. I still remember that cold and snowy december night where I watched on WBOY out of Morgantown as the snake slithered to his jet at the Morgantown airport and flew off to Michigan where he thought there would be greener pastures. What did he leave behind? A team and a state in shambles. Big Cat crying on the radio to Tony Caridi about how could this happen to the Mountaineers?

We all know what happened next. Our team marched into the Fiesta Bowl led by Coach Bill Stewart and crushed a Oklahoma team who 87% of the country believed would destroy the Eers. And where is Rod now? Leading Michigan to their first back to back seven loss seasons in their storied history.

So I am calling on all of my fellow Mountaineer fans to embrace the Bearcats and cheer them on to a Sugar Bowl win against Florida!

And to Brian Kelly…good luck brother. I hope karma doesn’t bite you like it did ol’ Rich Fraud!


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