Posted by: mseewv | March 16, 2010

I’m going to the ‘Ship’

That’s right ladies and gentleman I have punched my ticket!

I have faith in those boys from Morgantown and I am ready to make the pilgrimage to Indianapolis for Easter weekend. That’s right, today I took the plunge and purchased two tickets to both the Final Four and the National Championship. I am ready to cheer on the Eer’s in the house that Peyton built – Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis IA.

Sure, we have to beat Morgan St, Clemson, New Mexico and Kentucky to make that possible. But I have so much faith that I have laid down some cold hard cash to make sure that I do not miss the chance of a lifetime! The chance to cheer on the Old Gold & Blue!

So who’s with me? Wait…don’t all stand up and buy your tickets at once! Ok, I have a deal for you. If you cannot make it to Indianapolis that will be just fine. I will be posting the whole trip. Posting photos at all of the events and updating you the whole weekend. No need to lay down all of your cold hard cash, I have already made that investment for you! But you still have to do something for me…

Cheer on those boys in the Old Gold & Blue and let’s make a statement this year…all the way to the National Championship!

Follow my road to the Final Four right here the whole way. I will continue to post throughout the tournament all the way to Monday, April 5th when we are all celebrating WVU’s first National Championship!

March Madness begins Friday at 12:15 pm when we face off against the Morgan St. Bears in Buffalo NY.

Let’s Go…


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