Posted by: mseewv | March 21, 2010

The First Seven Minutes, Down Goes Kansas & The Gold Rush

Wow what a tournament this has been!

First let’s start out with Friday and the return of the Cardiac kids! On Friday, the Hokie wife and I along with five of our friends got together at a restaurant in Ranson to take in the first Mountaineer game of the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

We were pretty confident but I did still have the loss to Dayton in the first round of the tournament last year in the back of my mind. I know my team and I love my team. I know how they can come out like the best team in the country and I know how they can come out as flat as a Sunday morning pancake.

Well we sure did flop the first few minutes, not hitting a single shot in the first seven minutes. My friend Tom and I did our best to watch the our hands that were covering our faces. How could we potentially get bit by the upset bug…and how could we not score a single shot. I was just a tad bit worried.

As I sat there I started to go back over all of the things I had done since our Big East Championship win. Was I wearing the same shoes? I had already told Katie she was not to change the yard flag in front of the house to put the WVU flag out because we just may be a little superstitious. But then, as I was in the middle of my mental breakdown, we hit our first free throw. I sign of hope. And then we missed the second. I really didn’t think I could go through this again.

But thank the Basketball Gods for Kevin Jones and Devin Ebanks! These boys raised to the occasion and brought us back in it and we began to take over at the end of the first half. We never looked back and I was finally able to take a deep breath and enjoy a large lead.

Friday was a pretty quiet day in the tournament but I am totally ok with being part of a quiet day. I really hope that today (Sunday) is a quiet day!

Yesterday, was not a quiet day.

This weekend we finally were able to go home to Romney for the first time since last July. This being my first weekend off from work since November, I wanted to head home and see both my family and my wife’s family. On Saturday my parents and I decided to hit the links for our first round of golf of the season and what a beautiful day it was.

Even though I was away from the television, I spent most of the time keeping a very close eye on the tourney results on my phone. It was on my phone that I watched the score of the St. Mary’s and Nova game. I would have loved to have watched this one unfold. Nova looked terrible in their first game and thanks to some hope and determination from St. Mary’s they will be making their first trip to the Sweet 16.

But that was not the big upset of the day. The number 1 overall seed of the entire tournament went down yesterday, along with everyone in the country’s bracket.

Northern Iowa rocked the country and everyone in the state of Kansas yesterday when the did the unthinkable. Not only everyone in the 50 states picked Kansas to win the National Title but so did President Obama.

But, in March Madness that doesn’t mean a thing. So what does all of this do for us. I think the road continues to be set up for us to make a run that West Virginians will remember forever.

We play Mizzou today and then we will travel to face off against Washington who upset the number 3 seed, New Mexico. We will then potentially face off with the new tournament favorite, Kentucky.

Does it get any more exciting than this? No!

The tourney continues today with our Mounties facing off against Mizzou. Throw on your Gold today for today’s Gold Rush! Put on your favorite gold suite and head to church and come home, throw your feet up and cheer on the Mounties all the way to Indianapolis.

My tickets are in the mail and I am taking this trip step by step. If we continue to rebound and play amazing defense we can go all the way to Lucas Oil stadium. Get ready….LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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