Posted by: mseewv | March 30, 2010

From Martinsburg to Matewan…Weirton to Welch

“West Virginia is in it to win it. And here, in perhaps the craziest
NCAA tournament of all time, why not West Virginia, why not these

You come from a place like West Virginia and you’re always being
told what you can’t do. It’s too rural, too poor, too, well, too just
West Virginian. If you’re going to succeed you have to leave, go off to
somewhere bigger and fancier. It’s how it’s worked for generations. The
possibilities are limited at home, limitless away. So off they go –
many of the best and brightest seeking success elsewhere even as they
carry their home state pride with them forever.

It’s not coal that is West Virginia’s greatest export. It’s people.

So now comes Huggins, son of West Virginians, born in West Virginia, a graduate of West Virginia and he’s puffing out his chest and saying the exact opposite.

There isn’t anything West Virginia can’t do, he says. And we’re going to do it from right here at home.”


I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still can’t breathe!!!

What a dream come true. I had faith all along. Bought my tickets four weeks ago, sat in the same place on the couch, wore the same shirt every game, and kept the same company on game days. Nothing was going to screw this up – it was Devine. And as I sat alone in my living room at 3 am on Sunday morning, with my heart still beating one hundred million miles a minute and the biggest smile my face has ever seen – there was no other thought in my mind than – Thank God I Am A West Virginian.

If my mother and father would have been in Martinsburg, I would have kissed my mother on the mouth and smacked my dad on the behind. I would have thanked my grandfather, a Princeton grad and lawyer, for settling down in Romney. I would have told my Grandfather See thanks for working his butt off for all of those years in the factory and keeping my dad and all of his brothers and one sister afloat in little Ol’ Rada, W.Va. And as you can see I would have done this all the way back until I met my relatives that brought my family to this great state and thanked them from the bottom of my heart. I love being an American but above all I love being a West Virginian!

Ok, now that I have that out-of-the-way. How about these kids? Can they play some friggin ball or what? Once again we looked the giant right in the eye, we grabbed it by the neck and slayed it just like we did Oklahoma after Rich Fraud left. ESPN put another cute little poll up on Saturday showing WVU as a 49 to 1 state underdog. No one, I repeat, no one gave us a chance. I love those odds!

Kentucky came to the Carrier Done with one thing in mind. Breeze through this regional and go claim the National Championship that we deserve. We have the top 3 freshman in the country and one of the so-called “best coaches.” With Kansas and Syracuse out of the picture, trust me, Kentucky thought that in just a week, they would be cutting down the nets in Indy with “One Shining Moment,” playing in the background.

They forgot one thing. They forgot about Bob Huggins, who before Saturday, held a 7-1 record over the head of Kentucky’s head coach. They forgot about Da’Sean Butler. Who during the first few minutes couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean, but then came out on fire. But above all they made the critical mistake that Coach K and Duke made just two years ago at the Verizon Center in Washington DC, they forgot about Joe Mazzula.

All we heard about all week-long was the injury of Truck Bryant. All the sports radio pundits could talk about was how WVU was done because Truck was out for the rest of the season. They made the critical mistake. Kentucky overlooked Joe. Hell, the whole country overlooked Joe. Not the team, Bob Huggins and the entire state of WV. We knew what Joe could do and boy did he not disappoint! He scored a career high 17 points and made upcoming NBA lottery pick, John Wall, look like a mannequin.

But it wasn’t just on the offensive side of the ball that Joe contributed, it was the defensive side that caused him to be the MVP.  See the Wildcats’ DeMarcus Cousins, in particular, didn’t take kindly to Mazzulla’s harassment. “At one point in the game, he looked at me and said ‘Are you serious?’…“I said, ‘Yeah, I’m serious. You’re going to have to punch me in the face for me to get off you.’

That right there, is the kind of heart that makes this team so special and is going to help us bring home the National Championship!

All My Bags Are Packed

Well I am ready to go! I have my tickets, the hotel rooms are booked, our road trip buddies are heading up from Hokieville (former WVU grad living in enemy territory), and all I have to do now is survive the next three days at work!

We will hit the road first thing Friday morning and head to Indy. I will be your one-way ticket to all things WVU in the Final Four. We will be attending all of the festivities and I will be posting via laptop and mobile phone the entire way. Look for video, photos and commentary starting Friday evening!


Welcome Home

Check out this first hand video account of the return trip from Syracuse this past Saturday! So awesome to watch the team on the plane, on the bus and feel what it might have felt like stepping off that bus seeing 2,000 screaming fans at 3 am! Enjoy!

Where Football & Basketball Meet

We are all WVU. You know those ads they show at the football games? Where all the student athletes say, “one team,” blah blah blah. Well head football coach, Bill Stewart, showed his WVU pride on Saturday night while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. After watching WVU upset Kentucky for its first Final Four birth in 51 years, the old ball coach hopped up on the stage and lead the entire crowd in a chilling rendition of Country Roads!

Check out the video below! Enjoy!

And Now – Your Moment Of Zen

As John Stewart would say…and now here’s your moment of Zen. Check out famed actress and Kentucky qwack-job Ashley Judd watching her poor, poor wildcats getting waxed by the Mounties!

Maybe she should get a new team!


And now I would have to say that I owe everyone an apology. After the game on Saturday I was so excited to type up my blog about the game and in my excitement I did something to our laptop and received the famed “blue screen of death!” Yep, my laptop took a dump right there, enabling me to write until today. I am sorry, but I hope I made up for it with this extremely long post!

Stay tuned. I’m not done yet!


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