Posted by: mseewv | April 4, 2010

Pride Is Forever

On Thursday I will turn 29 years old. I can tell you one thing. For the first 29 years of my life I have bled nothing but Blue & Gold and I have loved the Mounties with every ounce of my being.

But never have I loved them like I do right now.

I have always believed that I am 100% Mountie but now I can assure you, I am 110% Mountaineer.

This season you looked every obstacle right in the eye and punched it square in the mouth.

Never in my life did I think I would get an opportunity to say these things:

Preseason Top 10
Never falling less than #12 all season
3rd straight NCAA Tournament appearance
Numerous Nationally televised games
Big East Tournament Champions
NCAA East Regional Champions
2010 NCAA Final Four
First trip back to the Final Four in 51 years
First 30 win season in school history
6 game winning shots by Da’Sean Butler
Waxing Kentucky when every state (other than WV) picked us to lose

You made everyone in the state of WV very proud and above all you have nothing to be ashamed of.

It was disappointing to end the season so close to the ultimate goal but that is not what I will remember for the rest of my life. What I will remember are the things that I wrote above. The excitement that you created in the lives of so many West Virginians. You did something special this season. You did something that even WVU football has never achieved, you made the entire state feel a part of something so big. Football always has been great and at the top of most fans lists when it comes to sports at WVU, but I can tell you that the football team has never connected on the level that you boys have with the entire fan base. I know that I truly felt that these guys were out there trying to win, night in and night out, not for themselves, for their NBA careers or anything like that, but you were out there because you knew how much this meant to everyone in the state. That right there is enough for me.

So tonight as you hang your heads low I tell you not to remember the last few hours of WVU basketball in 2010, but the last few weeks and months. A time that I know I will never forget. A time when Basketball was king in the great state of West Virginia.

Last but not least I would like to say this to Huggy. I love you man. Watching you console Da’Sean tonight after he went down showed me and hopefully everyone else around how far you have come. You are one hell of a coach and you make everyone in your home state so proud. Oh, and it’s time to get to work, I want to go to Houston next year!

As I get ready to sign off for the night, I have one last thing to say to Huggs. You remember that bus you kept talking about all season long? The one that you wanted to get to put the National Championship trophy on and tour the state? Well you can do us one better. Put that team on a bus and bring them around. Let us all thank them from the bottom of our hearts for playing their hearts out for us night in and night out. Let us show our gratitude to them. They are our National Championship. That would be something to remember.



  1. I agree, that Coach Huggins is a GREAT coach and everyone should be very PROUD of him and the team!!!!! We should also thank Huggins and the team for a WONDERFUL SEASON!!!!! THANK YOU for making your state so proud!!!!! Matt, I like your idea about putting the team on a bus and bringing the team around, so we could show them our gratitude.

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