Posted by: mseewv | April 4, 2010

The Mounties Will Forever Remember – Da’Sean Butler

Da’Sean Butler will be forever enshrined in Mountaineer lore.

I am sorry Jarrod West. Your three pointer during the NCAA tournament was great, but you are not Da’Sean Butler.

I am sorry Joe Alenxander. You were a great player that helped us cross the bridge from the Beilien era to the Huggins era, but you are not Da’Sean Butler.

Think of the players that Bob Huggins has coached.

  • Joe Alexander
  • Kenyon Martin
  • Nick Van Exel
  • Timmy Ellis
  • Danny Fortson
  • Herb Jones
  • Dontonio Wingfield
  • Ruben Patterson
  • Corie Blount
  • Jason Maxiell
  • David Hoskins
  • Steve Logan
  • Melvin Levett
  • Kenny Satterfield
  • Arthur Long
  • DerMarr Johnson
  • Leonard Stokes
  • Bobby Brannen
  • James White
  • Eric Hicks
  • Bill Walker
  • Pete Mickeal
  • At the top of that list will now be Da’Sean Butler. You can argue all you want about this kid’s game, which you should have no grounds for anyway, but you can never argue his heart. Da’Sean may be the first player to fully understand what WVU and WVU sports means to the state of West Virginia. This kid wanted to win so bad last night for you. Not for him, not for his NBA career or for what a birth in the National Championship might do for his career. He wanted to win for you and Coach Huggins. He wanted to win so badly that when he went down towards the end of the game and Huggins walked over to him he said to his leader, through the tears, ‘I’m sorry.’

    The full exchange along with photos is posted below.

    “I was apologizing to him,” Butler said. “I wanted so bad to win it all for him. He has done so much for me. It was the one thing I wanted to get for him and couldn’t get for him.”

    And what did Huggins say to Butler while the star player was done on the floor?

    “Don’t be sorry and I love you.”

    Mountaineer Nation will never forget – Da’Sean Butler


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