Posted by: mseewv | February 18, 2011

Dinosaurs & Princess Slippers

One of the biggest surprises in my short existence occurred this past Christmas.

It was a normal Tuesday before Christmas. We were both running around trying to get everything ready to go home and see my parents for Christmas Eve and then host the In-Law’s for Christmas Day.

No matter that I am just months away from hitting 30, I still get excited like I am 5 years old days before Christmas.

I returned home on time that day. Walked in to see Katie standing in the kitchen with a smirk on her face. I knew she was up to something, I just didn’t know what.

After saying hello to each other she told me that she had something to show me. I knew it had to be an early Christmas present. I can’t tell you how excited I was. She then told me to close my eyes and turn around. Now I was getting really excited.

As a preview into the male mind, I can give you a little insight into what was racing through my mind during that time. It’s actually quite easy, three things…either when I turned around she was going have a present, food or she was going to be naked. Little did I know that third one actually had something to do with the surprise.

As I quickly turned around and opened my eyes I saw something that I never thought I would see in my lives, a failed pregnancy test. I thought I had studied. Never did I think that I would turn around and see that! Don’t get me wrong I was excited but honestly that was the last thing on my mind.

Katie and I had the discussion about starting our family a short 7 months before that. I am going to be honest, I am a guy…I didn’t really remember. So, this was a bit of a shock. Most of you know how much of a motor mouth I am and I am telling you that I walked around like a zombie for a few days.

Then came the time to tell the folks. I am never one to just say surprise, you are going to be grandparents. I have to make a scene. So I slipped over to the Dollar Tree during my lunch hour the day before we went home and purchased a pack of mini dinosaurs and tacky princess slippers. That night I packed them in obscure boxes and piled tacky tinsel around them. We then handed them off to both sets of parents on separate occasions as “gag gifts.”

Both parents were extremely surprised. My dad had  to sit down he was so shocked and my mom was kind enough to tell Katie and I that we had, “had a good run!” Comforting!

The In-Laws were quite shocked as well. Check out the video below! My mother-in-law was so worried it was one of my jokes that she kept saying, “please tell me this isn’t a joke, please tell me this isn’t a joke.” That was so much fun!

Check out the video of when we told them and see them opening the box below!

That was just the first step. We are now 3 months along in our journey and boy do I already have tons of stories to tell. Check back in two weeks to hear how I have already managed to enrage my newly pregnant wife enough to throw an entire cup of water on me! This is going to be one wild ride!



  1. Matt,

    What a wonderful way to share the exciting news with your in-laws, who have had so much to absorb and deal with. The news of an amazing miracle, a baby, you and Katie were able to give them so much more to focus on, hope for, and pray about. Thank you for sharing the video. Needless to say, my eyes are “raining” like the recent storms we have had!

    Thanks again,

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